The Effects Of Perfumes On Human Biology

Perfumes Effect on the Nose

As a bespoke perfume maker, we know all about the effects perfume can have on a person. Although not as great as some animals, humans have an excellent sense of smell with around fifty million smell receptors in the human nose. Our noses work by collecting scent molecules when we breathe in, which are then dissolved in a thin membrane which is found in the nasal activity. The hippocampus provides a background for the smell in the form of a memory, and the amygdala and hypothalamus create the emotional undercurrents of the smell.

This is why certain smells can bring particular recollections flooding back. Because our smell is so heavily interlinked with memory, this is why certain fragrances are attractive to some, and repellant to others. Feminine scents tend to be worn by women, and musky perfumes are often worn by men, but this is not always the case, and it is really up to the individual and what they perceive to be pleasant.






How Hormones Interpret Perfumes

Recent studies have found that it is the hormone levels of the individual that will frequently decide which aromas and fragrances they will find attractive. So, it is the age of the person and their shifting hormones which dictate their preferences. Interestingly at a young age, baby girls are superior in identifying their mother through smell and are more attracted to toys with pleasant smells.

This is not down to any particular difference in biology, but that women use more brain cells to interpret smells, which means they can often remember more scents and store them in their memory for longer. It is believed that the reason for this is that women used their sense of smell to judge a mate in early human times. As a result, women tend to suffer a lot more when exposed to a repellant aroma.

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Perfume and the Modern Woman

Most women around the age of fifteen start purchasing their first perfume products, and this is generally when the first cravings for pleasant smells form. During ovulation, woman’s sensitivity to pheromones increase exponentially and can often be 10,000 times greater than when a woman is on her period. During this time, women may find that they subconsciously secrete certain smells that are designed to attract partners.

So, a woman will often choose a fragrance that reflects the smell of her own secretions, so that they become even stronger. Also, they will be drawn to even muskier smells because of the differences in their body.


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